0.5 (2015-12-01)

Changed Behaviour

  • examples now run on CPU by default
  • added brainstorm.tools.shuffle_data and brainstorm.tools.split to help with data preparation
  • SigmoidCE and SquaredDifference layers now outputs a loss for each dimension instead of summing over features.
  • SquaredDifference layer does no longer scale by one half.
  • Added a SquaredLoss layer that computes half the squared difference and has an interface that is compatible with the SigmoidCE and SigmoidCE layers.
  • Output probabilities renamed to predictions in SigmoidCE and SigmoidCE layers.

New Features

  • added a use_conv option to brainstorm.tools.create_net_from_spec
  • added criterion option to brainstorm.hooks.EarlyStopper hook
  • added brainstorm.tools.get_network_info function that returns information about the network as a string
  • added brainstorm.tools.extract function that applies a network to some data and saves a set of requested buffers.
  • brainstorm.layers.mask layer now supports masking individual features
  • added brainstorm.hooks.StopAfterThresholdReached hook


  • EarlyStopper now works for any timescale and interval
  • Recurrent, Lstm, Clockwork, and ClockworkLstm layers now accept inputs of arbitrary shape by implicitly flattening them.
  • several fixes to make building the docs easier
  • some performance improvements of NumpyHandler operations binarize_t and index_m_by_v
  • sped up tests
  • several improvements to installation scripts


  • fixed sqrt operation for PyCudaHandler. This should fix problems with BatchNormalization on GPU.
  • fixed a bug for task_type=’regression’ in brainstorm.tools.get_in_out_layers and brainstorm.tools.create_net_from_spec
  • removed defunct name argument from input layer
  • fixed a crash when applying brainstorm.hooks.SaveBestNetwork to rolling_training loss
  • various minor fixes of the brainstorm.hooks.BokehVisualizer
  • fixed a problem with sum_t operation in brainstorm.handlers.PyCudaHandler
  • fixed a blocksize problem in convolutional and pooling operations in brainstorm.handlers.PyCudaHandler

0.5b0 (2015-10-25)

  • First release on PyPI.